Our Story – Building Community One Story At A Time


“If we aren’t telling Our Story, we risk that someone else will”

This is OUR Story – Where we take out the “about” in knowing our neighbor!

Join us for an evening of Story Telling…your story and those of your neighbors to be exact!  Many of us know “about” our neighbors, but many of us don’t “Know” our neighbors. Here, we will take the “about” out of Knowing Our Neighbor!

Through Story Telling we will learn about one another’s journey to where they are today. And in that dialogue, we will start to speak “with” one another and

not “about” one another taking one more “about” out of the conversation. Some things will be surprisingly familiar, other things will be surprisingly new.

No “grades”, no “critiques”, no “judgments”
Building stronger communities begins with building stronger relationships. Depending on size, we limit our story to 5-10 timed minutes.

Our Stories are told and not read. Come…and tell us who you are!

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