It’s okay. Good people still exist. Right motives do too…! Not everyone has turned over to the wiles and ways of society. We’re just afraid…period.

  • We’re afraid this isn’t the right relationship, or we’re afraid it is.
  • We’re afraid they won’t like us, or we’re afraid they will.
  • We’re afraid to let go or we’re afraid to hold on.
  • We’re more afraid of happiness, than we are regret.

And yes, the temptations of this world and the ease by which they come by, are at their greatest, BUT some people are just not phased due to their own integrity, self-discipline, commitment, etc. (Good people still exist)

It’s okay to like someone. It’s okay to feel that someone is doing something for you for the right and genuine reasons. And it’s okay to give them the benefit of the doubt in the beginning (with careful consideration and awareness of course). Some people really do like you, in spite of you. Some people really do want to see you, for no reason at all, but for their own joy.

Even still, we still doubt the reasons why. We fear too much about the reasons. SOMETIMES IT JUST TAKES ONE PERSON TO SHOW YOU, NOT ALL ARE THE SAME…but you have to be willing to change your perspective and you have to be patient with the process.

Have a great day! 😁


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Roland Gilbert, CLCO (Chief Life-Change Officer)
The Perennial Growth Group
Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer & Performance Coach

My mission is to coach individuals for intentional, authentic living. This mission is accomplished through workshops, speaking, writing and coaching. For over 10 years I have trained leaders and have helped people grow. My experience includes working with several large manufacturing corporations, hundreds of individuals and groups, and as an active ministry worker of my church. Because of my diverse background I am able to help clients effectively address all aspects of life

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