Whether you realize it or not, no matter your occupation, you are in sales! No matter what you “do”, each and every day you will be put in a position of either “selling” others on your ideas or being “sold” on theirs.

  • Your boss is going to sell you on why you should do something a certain way or you’re going to sell them on why not.
  • Your kids will sell you on why they get to stay up or you will sell them on why they won’t.
  • Your customers will sell you on why they won’t buy your products, or you will sell them on why they will.

So the question is not “if” we are salespeople the real questions is, how do I increase my “sales”?

Much like fishing, we must use the bait the fish like not the bait we like. When getting our ideas across effectively we should concentrate on three main things:


1. WIIFM – What’s In It For Me 

All of us have “things” we want,”things” we need, and for many of us, “things” we must have. One of the most effective ways of getting other people to help us get the “things” we want or need, is by figuring out how us having what we want will positively impact the person who’s help I need?  The one thing that all people listen to is their “stake” in it! Find what’s “in it” for them and you’re almost there.

2. Describe a “word” picture

How many of us realize that we don’t think in words at all! We think in “pictures”. For example, if I say “Donald Duck” you didn’t just think the letters D O N A L D D U C K, you SAW the actual duck that we know as Donald Duck! In the same way, when we want to “sell” our ideas effectively we’ve got to describe to people how “what’s in it for them” will have a positive impact. When we can describe a “Picture” of them enjoying the benefits, then much like in actual sales, it’s not the product you sell but the “use” of the product by the customer!

3. Tie it to an emotion

Sales Guru Jefferey Gitmore said “people hate to be sold, but they love to buy”. Any top sales professional knows that we “buy on emotion and justify later with logic”. The actual “purchase” of anything is an emotional experience. We receive a small amount of “satisfaction”, “completeness”, “wholeness”, when we purchase. If we can get that, we can then understand that every time we tie our ideas to a positive emotional need, we dramatically increase our chances of cooperation.


One past Saturday I had an immense cookie craving, and to my luck I was passing by a popular supermarket chain store. As I approached the front I noticed that there was a Girls Scout Cookie Station. Entering the store, one of the young ladies asks me, “would you like to buy some cookies”, I answered, “Well, I was here to buy some cookies, but why should I buy your cookies over this store full of cookies?” as I made eye contact with the “mom” patrol behind the table.

She thought for a moment and replied proudly with a smile, “well these are GIRL SCOUT cookies!”  “Okay, that’s good” I replied, and asked “What if I don’t know what Girl Scout cookies are? What if I’ve never eaten a Girl Scout cookie before?” I finally asked, “When people eat Girl Scout cookies, how does it make them feel?” By now the other two young ladies selling cookies were listening and chimed in, “Happy”! I asked, “and what happens to people when they feel ‘happy’?” one of them responded, “they feel like they can do anything!” I agreed, then asked “instead of “anything”, what’s one thing people can do when happy?”, one young lady simply responded, “change the world”.

What an amazing answer! So we summed it all up together by saying, “eating a  Girl Scout cookie makes you feel happy. and when you feel happy you feel like you can change the world. So eating a Girl Scout cookie will help you change the world!”

The only question left to ask was, “so what are you selling”, The first young lady proudly said, “a chance for people to change the world!”

So what are you selling…?


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Roland Gilbert, CLCO (Chief Life-Change Officer)
The Perennial Growth Group
Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer & Performance Coach

My mission is to coach individuals for intentional, authentic living. This mission is accomplished through workshops, speaking, writing and coaching. For over 10 years I have trained leaders and have helped people grow. My experience includes working with several large manufacturing corporations, hundreds of individuals and groups, and as an active ministry worker of my church. Because of my diverse background I am able to help clients effectively address all aspects of life

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