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Let Me Help You Reach Your Goals.

I’m Roland, founder and CLCO (Chief Life-Change Officer) at the Perennial Growth Group. My experiences in life – both personal and professional – have been many and varied. I’ve been married and divorced, struggled with debts and enjoyed the good things that money can buy, as well as some of the bad. I’ve been an employee and the boss,  and run my own small business. Most important of all – I’ve lived to tell the tale. Throughout my life I’ve been fascinated by people and what makes them tick. An interest in psychology and extensive studies in business practice led me to get my degrees from UCLA. 20+ years in sales and sales management have given me motivational techniques that allowed me to meet my personal challenges and given me the skills to help others meet theirs. Together, we can identify what’s holding you back, then make plans to help you achieve your goals, giving you confidence in your own abilities and the mental tenacity to live up to your own expectations.

This Is My Story

My mission is to coach individuals for intentional, authentic living.  This mission is accomplished through workshops, speaking, writing and coaching.  For over 10 years I have trained leaders and have helped people grow using my certifications with Dale Carnegie & Associates Training, the International Federation of Coaching (ICF) and the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO).  My experience includes working with several large manufacturing corporations, hundreds of individuals and groups, and as an active ministry worker of my church.  Because of my diverse background I am able to help clients effectively address all aspects of life.


Where can I help you get to…?

Timely Support

Make your life count by investing three to six months of time and effort in order to reap a lifetime of purposeful living. Let us help you discover the life you were created for!

Innovative Ideas

Based upon 30 powerful Human Relations Principles, we utilize the latest in Coaching & Training principles to create individuals of Passion, Power & Purpose!

Advanced Technology

We are committed to the process! As such, we take advantage of the latest technologies (Webinars, Skype, eMail, Social Media, etc) to ensure you reach your maximum potential with the least amount of intrusion into your life.

Clear Communication

We use a technique called “Responsive Talk”. We speak in plain language taking the intellectual “mumbo-jumbo” of our industry and translating that into Actionable Language you can use!

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