ISI Men’s MasterMind: A MasterMind Group For The MasterMind In You

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Most times, the difference between “failure” and “success” is just knowing what to do next! You are not alone! Many men in our society have been taught unhealthy ways of dealing with stress, being clearly understood, preparing for the future, delegating authority or expressing emotional control.

ISI Men’s MasterMind is an 8-week, structured gathering of men who are also ready to learn new insights and ACCELERATE the acquisition of new skills.

Men in our society have been conditioned to “look out for ourselves”, and “go it alone”. In ISI Men’s
Group we can explore the results we are getting in our lives and seek new ways of connecting with
other men that bring different results!

4 weeks of structured, interactive discussions, role-playing and take-aways around 8 Core Concepts

You will be challenged to:
  • :Find your life purpose
  • Bring out the Leader within
  • Be faithful to your core values and/or establish new ones
  • Examine addictive/destructive attitudes, beliefs and behaviors
  • Establish positive tools & techniques for dealing with stress and worry
  • Become a better communicator
  • Take responsibility for outcomes
  • Become a better “people” person
  • Enhance your Public Speaking skills


You will be supported and asked to support others! 

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