Coaching BLAST


Need to REALLY talk? Check out the SUPER BLAST Saver package



Have a burning question you need answered? Need to make a quick decision between two important options but unsure which to chose? Need a quick tool to successfully deal with a stressful situation? By utilizing a BLAST, we can quickly cover one topic and save the full sessions for more in-depth issues.

This option is also a great supplement to one of my standard Coaching packages, allowing you to contact me for very specific topics that might need to be covered immediately or at times when a full session isn’t required.

What’s Included:

  • ONE 20 minute phone call or on-line discussion
  • ONE eMail message

It is best to use the email to brief me on the topic you’d like to cover, with some specific background information. This will allow us to spend the full session on the topic and not waste any time. The Coaching BLAST is also a great way to follow up on your FREE Consultation session, in case you aren’t 100% convinced that Coaching is for you.

Some of the Topics usually covered during these style Sessions:



Wants Children  Goals  Relaxation Career 
Time  Needs Values Intimacy & Sex Business
Relatives Social Activities Relationships  Confidence Guilt
 Recreation Weakness’ Commitment Fulfilment Procrastination
Strengths Finances Family Fear Infidelity
Stress  Friends Self Esteem Focus Decisions
Empowerment Loss Internalization Openness Relationships 
Desires  Dreams  Mindset Motivation Parenting





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